Construction Management Representative - Water system and sewer plant

Location: Knoxville, TN
Date Posted: 08-15-2018
Role Snapshot…
Construction Management Representative will oversee the replacement/upgrade of a water system and sewer plant with modern, eco-friendly, energy efficient parts and components that meet current codes.  Construction Management Representative ​(CMR) needed immediately for 6 months.  

CMR will be responsible for observing, inspecting and documenting the work of the construction contractor for progress, quality, safety, workmanship and conformance to the contract documents and existing codes. 

Construction work will include the following:
  1. New Pre-Treatment System - Grinding & Screening
  2. New Equalization & Sludge Treatment - Settling, Mixing & Removal
  3. Disinfection of Effluent Wastewater
  4. Land Disposal System - Pumps & Distribution Apparatus to a subsurface location
  5. Electrical -Transformer Converter from single to 3-phase power w/ back-up generator
  6. New Human Interface, Programmable, Emergency Call-out & Monitoring Controls

  1. Education and experience reading and interpreting plans and specifications.
  2. Knowledge of building codes.
  3. Knowledge of safety regulations (must have a minimum of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30-hour construction safety training)
  4. Education and experience in cost estimating and technical writing.
  5. Education and experience with computer software programs such as Oracle Primavera Project and Microsoft (MS) Project, Word, Excel, and SharePoint.
  • Monitor and document all on-site construction activities via daily logs and photographs. Reports and photographs must be uploaded to SharePoint on a weekly basis, at a minimum.
  • Maintain proficiency in the use of the Client SharePoint site, in which all construction management documentation shall be accessed and maintained.
  • Monitor and document all perceived safety aspects of the project. Notify the Client of any perceived safety concerns. If you observe a safety hazard that is imminent, direct the contractor to stop immediately and correct the safety concern, and follow up with a notification to the Client. Ensure that the incident and corrective measures are documented in the daily log. Additionally, ensure that the Contractor promptly completes and transmits required Contractor Accident/Property Damage Report Form if any incident does occur.
  • Monitor and document all perceived quality assurance aspects of the project. Notify the Client of any perceived quality concerns, if it determined to be a quality assurance concern of the Client, document it in the daily log and add to the progress meeting agenda and/or quality assurance (non-conforming work) log.
  • Responsible for the weekly progress meeting such as preparing the agenda, facilitating, taking notes, distributing and updating notes in a timely manner.
  • Review all progress payment requests, verifying items invoiced for have been received by the Client, complete the pay application checklist and upload it to the SharePoint Site.
  • Review progress schedule updates, verifying the schedule conforms to the contract baseline schedule and is accurate. Notify the Client of any perceived deviations.
  • Review updated schedule of values, ensuring the percentages invoiced for represent accurately the completed work and associated value on a monthly basis with the progress payment requests.
  • Review the construction contractor’s on-site asbuilts ensuring they are appropriately marked and updated as construction progresses on a monthly basis with the progress payment requests.
  • Review payrolls monthly concurrently with the progress payment requests in accordance with Client requirements.
  • As requested, Perform Labor Interviews, review the information against the payroll submission and daily log Provide the completed form to the Client.
  • Verify placement of required Department of Labor posters. Provide documentation of the review and findings to the Client.
  • Review for completeness and correctness and process submittals within the time frame identified in the contract.
  • Review for completeness and correctness and process Requests for Information (RFI)s within the time frame identified in the contract.
  • Review for completeness and correctness the contractor’s quality control daily logs and test reports in timely manner.
  • During the course of construction changes will occur and assistance may be requested with developing or confirming the associated scope, schedule impact and cost.
  • Participate in all inspections, documenting date, time, attendants and the findings of the inspection. Prepare a punch list for Client issuance. Prepare a cost estimate for each punch list item.
  • Verify all spare parts, tools, replacement materials, operational training, O&M manuals, warrantees, and guarantees are received at project closeout.
  • Review contractor's As-Constructed drawings, O&M manuals, and track and inspect completion of punch list work.
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